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Our Mission

Disgusted Dads is a symbol and platform representing the common causes of all Dads. We are Fathers, Sons, Grand Fathers, Brothers, Uncles, Nephews, Cousins, Neighbors, and Friends. Together we stand against Unconstitutional Courts and encourage others to defend their rights to be a Father Family Court. We support Family Law Reforms.

How we engage our Community

We encourage and support those in our Communities to educate themselves to how our Family Law Courts operate. A Disgusted Dads is not afraid to enter Family Court to stand up for his inalienable Right to be a Father. Disgusted Dads works with many other Groups within the Family Law Reform, Parental Equality, CPS, Children's Rights, and Fathers Rights Movements. We participate in Rallies, Marches, Talk Shows, Radio Shows, and other various platforms. 

We Need Your Support

Through the work of every individual Disgusted Dad, we become Disgusted Dads. Our Platform only grows stronger and only becomes large enough to be a force, through you, our Supporters. Your contribution to this Cause is greatly appreciated and goes a long way in our fight to make Family Law Constitutional Again!

Million Parent March 2017

Disgusted Dads was proud to participate in this Years Million Parent March.

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Restoring Freedom 2016


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